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CampaignConnecting the Dots in the Circular Economy

Connecting the Dots in the Circular Economy

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The Circular Economy is traditionally defined as an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and promoting the continual use of resources. Emerging circular business models are proving to be as profitable as linear models, allowing consumers to continue enjoying similar products and services.

konektd at its core was designed to minimize waste by not just reducing physical waste but reducing time and money wasted on marketing and advertising as well.

As an enabler of the green economy we eliminate the waste and environmental impact created by traditional advertising & sales practices, in the following ways:

  1. Eliminating the need and environmental impact of printed business cards and leaflets
  2. Removing the effort of cold calling or having to visit customers door-to-door
  3. Reducing the need for call outs for quotations thereby reducing fuel consumption and maximizing your revenue generating potential
  4. As our network of users grows konektd starts finding jobs and clients closer to the business’s home base which translates into more jobs in a day and less time and cost travelling

Through a circular approach to marketing, we connect the dots by linking service providers & small business owners with access to customers in the most efficient way possible by:

  1. Connecting customers to business opportunities that are powered by referrals within the konektd community – which meets the needs from both a supply and demand perspective.
  2. Reducing the cost of doing business by eliminating the need for every small business or trader to have a website and spend on social media advertising.
  3. Levelling the playing field by giving businesses access to customers based on hard earned reputation and not by how much they spend on marketing.
  4. The power of trusted referrals safeguards customers by ensuring they have access to service providers that are verified by their community. In this way we mitigate buyers concerns around safety when allowing a service provider into your home as well as mitigating the risks of dodgy service providers who may not complete their job, deliver the product or just disappear! Via konektd you hold service providers accountable or they run the risk of losing your entire trust network.

Conscious consumerism and business practices have been enabled by the digital frontier – as the world re-defines the new normal in the midst of and beyond covid19 – the rise of Circular Economies will undoubtedly shift our paradigms in the way that we conduct business and the way in which we consume.

Survival of our planet and our economy is dependent on our ability as communities of next generation entrepreneurs to champion and adapt to the new ways of doing business – it is imperative to our survival.

It is time to join the revolution! Get konektd.

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