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Campaign3 Ways to Make Word of Mouth Marketing Work for You!

3 Ways to Make Word of Mouth Marketing Work for You!

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Our previous blog looked at what makes Word of mouth marketing such a powerful medium. In this post we look at some of the building blocks that will help you to benefit from it as a business owner or trader.

To get customers excited about your brand requires a unique identity, amazing service, and a great reputation. More importantly, deliver above and beyond what you promise – surprising clients will ensure that they spread the word about your service!

Here are 3 fundamental starting points if you want to leverage business growth from Word of Mouth Marketing:


1.  Give people a reason to do the talking!

Having a great product is a great start – but ultimately, it is the service experience and the way that you are interacting with your customers that will determine if they will be your Word of mouth marketing advocate! As much effort that you put into your product or service – think about ways in which you can enhance the customer experience – that makes them remember you and refer you whenever they get a chance to do so!


2.  Do Different!

From a personalised voice note sent post-delivery, product packaging re-design or a handwritten Thank You note – continuous improvements to your product and your service will help you stand out from the crowd!


3. Continuously build your reputation from Good to Great!

Treat your customers in the way that you would like to be treated. In simple terms just treat them right! Don’t make promises you can’t keep or misguide them and if you make a mistake own up to it and try to compensate for it – be it a refund, a written apology or a gesture that shows that you truly value them as a customer.

The merits of Word of Mouth Marketing are undeniable in a crowded digital economy which gives consumers endless options to choose from.

The rise of the online marketplace will increase our reliance on referrals to ensure that we are investing our money and time on the right products and services. The only way to truly benefit from this new economy is to make your customer central to every effort that your business focuses on – and in turn, they will become your Greatest Brand Champions – spreading the word about your incredible products and services without you having to spend a cent!


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