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CampaignYou CAN teach an old dog new tricks

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. This is the time of Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings, webinars, video calls, and phone applications. ‘Phone apps?’ I hear you ask. ‘Did Raashi just say she was using phone apps?


The greatest technophobe who ever switched on a computer?’ Yes, if one knows me at all, then that cannot be denied – I am the last person to ever try something new because I am terrified of technology. I’m sceptical of the wonders they proclaim because my experiences have been mostly unpleasant. I find the promise of problem alleviation and making my life easier a hollow one. Invariably new technology leaves me with a sour taste – it causes me more problems and frustration than offers solutions. I’m sure this is because of my attitude, as many others experience great outcomes. For me though, I am often more frustrated than relieved. It solidifies my belief that technology is not for me.


As self-employed writer, I am part of the Women Chamber of Entrepreneurs (WCOE), a group of dynamic women business owners who collectively use the power of networking to further business goals. I joined because I liked what they were promoting – women supporting each other in business and beyond. As an entrepreneur, I face many challenges, but none as difficult as sourcing new clients. It’s a tough one. One has to convince people you can deliver on promises and that means self-promotion, not something I’m very comfortable with, but well, one learns. I can produce the sexiest pamphlets describing my wonderful talent and excellent service no end. I can pitch a sure-fire PowerPoint presentation with all the bells and whistles to wow a potential client.


But I may still not get the work.


No amount of marketing can guarantee a client. I find that the only thing that always works is a referral from satisfied client. And herein lies the power of networking – one of the reasons I chose to become a member of WCOE. WCOE and its organising team are always looking for new ways of fulfilling their mandate, including partnering with other individuals/organisations/businesses that could benefit members. One such proposal was from konektd. konektd brings together local traders, small business owners, job seekers and customers, giving you immediate access to people in (y)our community & beyond, powered by recommendations and referrals from (y)our own trusted community. The fit was obvious, and a partnership was born.


By way of introduction, Joshna Nagar (WCOE) and Najen Naidoo (konektd) hosted an online webinar and some WCOE members, including myself, downloaded the app onto our mobile phones. The process was simple: registration, verification via mobile, uploading basic information including services offered, area, rates, a logo, and that was it. This all happened in a matter of minutes. The app is user-friendly and had obvious potential. I was impressed, but no sooner the webinar ended, did I forget about it.


Not even a week later, I received a notification that there was a message on the app from a potential client. This was a surprise. Just like that! My first potential client from less than five minutes of input from me and no financial outlay whatsoever. I have been in marketing for many years and have yet to experience such quick turnaround on any ‘promotion’ with so little effort. A Zoom meeting was arranged, and I was asked to submit a proposal, which I’m working on right now. I am really excited and anxious to see how this plays out. Fingers crossed!


Raashida Khan is a content creator, author, poet, workshop facilitator and unicorn. Contact her via konektd under Raashis Reflections or click here: eCard