we support communities

Our Goal is to nurture trusted, quality service providers into sustainable businesses by getting happy customers to spread the word about great service in their community.

konektd is a mobile app that allows you to find reliable businesses & service providers in your community through trusted referrals from other community members. konektd allows you to connect with your friends, families, neighbours & those whose opinion you really trust within your local community, building a trusted in app community network. We believe in the power of people and their connections, leveraging the power of the virtual village.

konektd for Business  is the service provider app for konektd where you setup your business profile, showcasing examples of  your skills & services. Invite your best customers to review your services & give you referrals and watch the magic of konektd begin. Your business grows through the trusted community network of the konketd app as customers seeking your products and services seek & find you. Retain your new customers & drive loyalty by staying in touch & keeping marketing & communication channels open.